Why Are You Moving???

by on September 21, 2009

A recent survey by Relocation.com noted a major shift in the reasons people are moving.

As little as six months ago, the main reason that people were loving was because of the loss of a job, divorce or some other form of hardship.

Now, the main motivation is a positive one, to improve their living situation. Approximately 25% of the people wanted more space for their family or a better neighborhood or schools while the other 25% wanted to be closer to friends or family members.

“Even in the midst of the toughest economy in years, people who are moving are still motivated by the same things that motivated them in the past: to make a better life,” said Sharon Asher, founder and chairman of Relocation.com. “Despite the drumbeat of bad news, our survey indicates that consumers are starting to return to actively making positive moving choices, and fewer reactive moves due to the down economy.”

Another positive factor in peoples decision to take flight is the federal tax credit and some state and local programs which provide buyers with additional incentives to move now.

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