Three Awesome Ways to Save Space or the Environment!

by on April 9, 2012

Container Gardening Without the Hassle

Container Gardening
What two things do most gardeners have in common? They need space for growing plants, and whatever space they have never seems to be enough! That’s one of the reasons container gardening is so popular.But containers aren’t without a few challenges. They require vigilance to keep them watered and regular fertilizing to keep the plants healthy. That’s why the EarthBox container gardening system is particularly appealing. It controls soil conditions so you can water and fertilize less often.And now there’s a new version, EarthBox Junior. Its smaller footprint is ideal for balconies, patios, even countertops, provided there’s enough sun. Like the regular size EarthBox, the Junior has a water reservoir system that ensures plants get just the right amount of moisture. A plastic mulch cover protects the soil, and an aeration screen provides airflow to roots. You can choose among three planter colors—green, white, or terracotta—to coordinate with your balcony or patio decor.

Gain more space for gardening with less work!

V-Shaped Planter Provides Lots of Growing Space

When it comes to raised beds, it’s hard to imagine how the concept could be any better. Just the right height, they make it easy to plant and tend flowers and veggies without the discomfort of bending, kneeling, and stooping.Yet Vegtrug has taken the raised bed concept a step further. Its V-shaped planter offers the roominess needed by tomatoes and other deep-rooted plants. Place those in the center and use the rest of the planter for your favorite shallow-rooted plants.You can place the planter on a patio without worrying about dirt falling through. It has a fabric liner that keeps soil in place while allowing water to drain through quickly. Easy to assemble, the Vegtrug’s made from sustainable, plantation-grown fir. Plastic feet protect the wood from wet surfaces.

Raise the bar on raised-bed gardening.

3 Tier Stacking Planters

3-Tier Stacking Planters

Being self-sufficient is a highly desired trait in people, but it’s not one you’d expect from a planter. Yet the 3-Tier Stacking Planters are just that, thanks to a unique, built-in self-watering system.

When the planters are assembled in a stack—they can be set on the ground or hung by a chain—you water the top planter. Excess water fills a reservoir at the bottom of that pot and then drains into the pots below it, filling their reservoirs. The system makes it impossible to overwater; the pots self-regulate so plants stay evenly moist.

Each terra cotta-colored planter is divided into three planting areas, making the stack attractive and giving you lots of options for using a variety of flowers, vines, or herbs.

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