This Cool Gadget Can Save Your Plant’s Life

by on June 19, 2009

Plants are completely honest. They tell you straight out if you’re not caring for them properly: They die. But wouldn’t it be nice to find out what kind of light, food, temperature, and moisture a plant needs in a certain spot before it gets honest?

Enter the Easy Bloom Plant Sensor. Put the wand into garden or container soil for 24 hours and then plug it into the USB port on your computer. A huge 5,000-plant database analyzes the conditions and tells you which plants will thrive and what is wrong with those that won’t.

You can even use it to select the perfect plants for your garden, based on bloom time, size, color, and other factors. It’s right out of Star Trek.

Run your garden through the Easy Bloom Plant Sensor and boldly grow where no garden has grown before.

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