Squaw Valley is the Bomb!

by on July 15, 2010

Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley in June

Thanks to a later than usual snow fall it was still very much early spring at Squaw when we went there last month. We were there Friday, June 11th on the way in to Tahoe and then on Sunday, June 13th on our way home.

Unfortunately, most of the stores were not even open on Friday. Things really don’t open up until Father’s Day weekend up there at Squaw. So, I got a cup of coffee at the pizza place, not nearly as good as an Americano at Starbuck’s and then we headed on to Martin’s cabin at Homewood, right on the lake, next to Obexer’s Marina and Market.

The Market is back in the family and has been remodeled and made into an upscale place to go. Our favorite place to eat on Friday night had been destroyed by a fire during the winter months and we wound up eating two fantastic sandwiches from the deli at the store. Truly outstanding!

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Tahoe looked quite a bit different than this perfect picture. There was a major wind blowing and heavy duty white caps crashing in to the shore so we had to hunker down in the cabin to wait it out.

The fact is that the wind and waves did not abate until late in the afternoon the following day. In the meantime we saw one ski boat pushed up on to shore and another capsized by the size and intensity of the waves. Tom said he has not seen it that bad since he was a little kid. It was pretty wild.

Saturday night Tom and I decided we would hike to the new Pisano’s just a bit over a mile down the road in the town of Tehama. Maybe it would be better to say, the village, as it was pretty quaint. We enjoyed a wonderful pizza and salad and then headed back to the cabin. On our way back we found a wonderful beach and a bar out over the water. The views were stunning! We enjoyed watching young people hanging out while their parents enjoyed a libation in the bar.

New Buds Bursting out at Squaw Village

New Buds Bursting out at Squaw Village

The next day we decided to get an early start so we said our good byes and headed to Squaw Valley to see if things were happening there that we should be a part of. Starbuck’s was open, as well asĀ  my most favorite store, Lather and Fizz. They have all kinds of homemade soaps and lotions with lots of amazing scents and colors. I treated myself to several lotions and potions for making my feet feel pampered. We also visited a wine shop/wine bar and a few of the clothing stores. It was very fun window shopping in such a beautiful environment before the heavy duty crowds of summer.

Then it was off to the mountains and down into the valley towards home. One thing I forgot to mention which made this trip particularly memorable was the fact that our air conditioner did not work aan the temps in the valley were approaching 95 at 12:30 PM. EECK! But we made home without melting, listening to Greg Brown along the way and drinking plenty of water purchased at the last gas station.

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