Spring Home Tune-Up

by on July 6, 2009

These simple maintenance checks can add thousands of dollars of value to your home…

1. Replace filters in air conditioners

2. Check exterior of home for cracks/ water damage

3. Clean filters above range or in heaters

4. Check security antenna & remove if not in use

5. Check sprinkler system & outside faucets

6. Check fire extinguisher

7. Check smoke detector & replace battery

8. Check roof for cracks & loose shingles

9. Clean gutters and downspouts

10. Clean out fireplace

11. Have chimney cleaned & inspected

12. Have garden tools sharpened

13. Clean & repair garden furniture

14. Check weather stripping on windows & doors

15. Refill & replace perishable items from earthquake preparedness kit

16.Check first aid kit & replace needed items

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