Safety at Home

by on April 21, 2012

Grateful acknowledgement is made to Sara Greenstein, UL for allowing me to excerpt their “Safety at Home” Newsletter for April 2012

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirms that indoor air is usually more polluted than outdoor air? That’s why UL is working to help create safer living and working environments for all of us.

Most of us are unaware that everything from nursery furniture and cleaning products to mattresses, paint, and even our flooring can pollute our indoor air and pose health risks. That’s because these and other products can off-gas, or emit harmful chemicals into the air, in potentially toxic quantities.

The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, a division of UL Environment, works to protect human health and improve indoor air quality by testing products and materials submitted by manufacturers for low chemical emissions certification. Protect your family from invisible, indoor air quality dangers by Committing a Minute to Safety and taking the following actions in your home:

  • Unpack new furniture and let it air out in a well-ventilated, unoccupied space (not a garage) for at least one week before bringing into your living space
  • Use low-emitting paint for interior painting projects, and do your painting in the spring or fall when you can open windows for improved ventilation
  • Look for products bearing the GREENGUARD Certified mark, or simply check out the GREENGUARD Product Guide at to find low-emitting, healthier products for your home which bear the GREENGUARD Certified mark
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