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by on April 24, 2011

Last year I did not make it to an A’s game until the end of the year, sad to say. This year I have managed to go to 2 games already.

I am so happy about this!

The first was an exhibition game between the San Francisco Giants and my A’s. It was a fun game as there were a ton of SF Giants fans, who are very fired up for their team this year. Unfortunately for me, the Giants won the game. It was still very fun, especially listening to the fans trying to out shout each other with their cheers.

The second game was last Tuesday, April 19th, between the Oakland A’s and the Boston Red Sox. There are plenty of Sox’s fans here in the Bay Area and they LOVE to come out and support their team. Again, we had to listen to very vocal fans for the other team as they tried to out shout us with their cheering. I went with a couple of co-workers. On the way up we stopped at one of my favorite hot dog places, Kasper’s. They are only located in the East Bay so it was the perfect time to enjoy a tasty Kasper’s dog loaded with mustard, relish, tomato and onion. Delicious! My friend, Robert, who is from Chicago, loved the dogs. He comes from a place with a storied passion for hot dogs and I think he was impressed.

With the A’s pitching, the best in Baseball, we were treated to a very taunt game, with the A’s in possession of a 1-0 lead until the 8th inning, at which point they scored another 4 runsĀ  to make it a cake walk in the 9th for one of the best bullpens in baseball.

While I was at the game, I was checking in on the San Jose Sharks as they make their bid for the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, they were losing for the first period and then came on like gang busters in the second period, scoring 5 goals, then holding of the Los Angeles Kings until they pulled out a win in overtime in hostile territory. It was quite exciting. It also made it a wonderful sports night.

With any luck, this will be a year in which I see 8 to 10 games and enjoy lots of great wins by my team as they make a bid for the playoffs in the fall. They certainly have to pitching to make it a strong possibility and if they continue to get some timely run support that will be a very realistic goal.

Go A’s! Go Shark’s!

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