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by on December 12, 2010

Protect Your Bulbs

Fall is the time for planting spring bulbs. Fall is also the time when squirrels and other backyard critters scavenge our yards and gardens in search of these tasty little treasures that we’ve buried just for them. Wrong!
Try these five tips to help protect your newly planted bulbs:
1. Choose the right bulbs

The easiest way to keep squirrels, deer, mice, and other creatures from eating your bulbs is to plant bulbs they don’t like. You won’t be limited—check out this lengthy list for options.

2. Build a barricade

You don’t have to go without tulips and crocuses—spring just isn’t spring without these two beauties. You’ll just need to rig up a barrier to keep pests (squirrels in particular) from digging them up.

Check Out These Hand-Forged Garden Tools

Red Pig Garden Tools
Gardeners get sentimental about tools. The good ones—the ones that last decade after decade—become dear old friends.
At Red Pig Garden Tools, they know good tools. They sell good tools: Corona, Ames, and Seymour, among others. But they also make good tools. That’s right, they make them—in their blacksmith shop. They can also mend your beloved trowel, put a new handle on your shovel, or sharpen your clippers.
These are not the cheapest tools you will find, but they’re not orbiting Jupiter, either. Most of the handmade tools are between $20 and $35.
If you’re a tool lover, you won’t be able to resist. You might well find your next true love at Red Pig Garden Tools.

A Hat with a Built-in Air Conditioner

Blubandoo hat
We love nothing better than being out in the garden on a beautiful sunny day. But when the heat gets bad, we have to admit that we make a dash for the shade with a glass of ice water in hand. Who needs a case of heat stroke?
That’s why this cute Blubandoo hat is such a breath of fresh (and cool) air. Just dunk it in water for five minutes, and nontoxic polymer crystals inside the band expand into a gel that’s cold to the touch. They’ll stay cold for hours – plenty of time to finish weeding that sunny garden bed. When they dry out, dunk and wear again.
It doesn’t hurt that they come in some jazzy colors, both prints and solids. And if you get a smudge of soil on it, don’t worry — it’s reversible and washable.

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