Off to the Park I Went ~ Baseball Park, that is!

by on May 6, 2012

Way back before the start of baseball season 2012 I had received an email from the A’s saying that there was going to be a Rollie Finger’s bobblehead night on Saturday, April 21st. I IMMEDIATELY called my baseball buddy, Ron, and informed him that we were going to the game Saturday night, April 21st.

Out of sight, out of mind!

A few weeks ago I received another email from the A’s letting me know that there 40th Anniversary of the 1972 World Series Team was going to be a 2 day affair and that players from the 1972 squad were going to be signing autographs, for a fee, to benefit Catfish Hunter’s ALS Foundation. Among the luminaries was one of my all-time favorite players, someone I counted as a friend, Mr. Ted Kubiak. I was immediately thrown into a tizzy! Was I going to go to the game Saturday night, and get the treasured Bobblehead, or go Friday night and see my friend? What to do, what to do?

I immediately called Ron and he apologized as he had forgotten to write the 21st on his schedule and was doing something fun with his son, Jett-Man and his lovely wife. That made it much easier to change plans out head to the park on Friday but I just didn’t want to go alone. Enter two of my other baseball budette’s, Vicki & Kerstin. Both were game to head out to the park with me on short notice.

So far, so good. A little background. When I was growing up my girlfriends and I wanted to give our team a little extra Mojo so we started baking cookies for them on their return from a road trip. We started that when they returned home from being on the road during the world series in 1974. The players loved the cookies and one of the players even claimed that our cookies brought them good luck and helped them win that third and final series. Music to a young 15 year old’s ears.

That set up the start of something great. We baked these guys lots of cookies and they left us tickets at will call. It was wonderful. But I digress! I wanted to do something special in acknowledgement of all that fun so I decided I would bake them some cookies. I started prepping in the morning and baked all afternoon. There was no way I could make them three different kinds like I used to but I would at least make them some Oatmeal Raisin, and gluten-free, no less!

I put 4 each in plastic bags and brown paper sacks like we used to do and lined up 16 bags ready to head to the park.

After purchasing our tickets I raced to the area where we purchased tickets to get autographs from the players. I was informed that I would have to donate $20 for each group of two players that I wanted to see. GREAT! I explained about the cookies and old times sake but no dice so I found out when Ted was going to be available to sign and purchased my ticket then we headed to our seats to enjoy a hot dog, peanuts and soda. It was wonderful.

About 10 minutes to 8:00, I headed back over to the Autograph singing area and talked with some of the fans ahead of me who were reminiscing about those wonderful teams and the awesome players that they had. It was fun. Then they let us in. I clutched my cookie bags and stood in line. First up was Gene Tenace. I presented him with his cookies and figured, what the heck, I’ll get his autograph. Next up was Ted. When he saw me, he was so happy. I got a big hug and a kiss and got his number so we could get in touch. It was awesome.

Then I headed over to an usher and begged him to let me see Rollie Fingers and Dave Hamilton so I could give them cookies, too. After the crowd died down I was able to head over and give Rollie a kiss and present he & Dave with their cookies. They thanked me profusecatching me up on what was happening with them and their families. All in all, I was on cloud nine. It was a blast.

And, who knows? I just might be able to do it all again next year in honor of the 1973 World Series Champions! Until then…

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