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by on September 19, 2010

Say Goodbye to Hunchbacked Hooks

PotHoles Drainage Disks Hanging baskets are showstoppers when they’re displayed on hooks in the garden. But too often, the baskets get heavy as the summer goes on, and the hooks bend and strain under their weight. Not a good look.

The Four-Arm Plant Hanger makes well-balanced containers a breeze. The freestanding hanger is made of powder-coated steel and has a sturdy base, so it can support up to 200 pounds.

At 7 feet tall, the easy-to-assemble hanger offers plenty of room to go beyond flowers and grow tomatoes or other vining plants upside down. It’s also great for birdfeeders and wind chimes.

Expert Tips for Creative Containers

Containers Container gardening is a great way to combine your favorite plants, colors, and textures. But why stop with just one pot?

Here are some secrets from award-winning garden designer P. Allen Smith on how to spice up your garden by clustering your containers:

Choose the right number. Groups of containers tend to look better when clustered in odd numbers, but in some cases, a pair of stately pots at an entrance is all you need.

Consider your setting. Think about where containers will be displayed. Choose ones that complement the colors and style in the setting.

Unify the collection. Clusters of containers look best when pots share a similar style but have different diameters and heights.

Raise a Radish that Laughs at Heat

Red-hot radishes Red-hot radishes don’t necessarily like red-hot sun. How frustrating when these tasty veggies get bitter and misshapen once the summer heat really gets going.

The Rover radish, a new hybrid from Jung Seed Co., solves that problem and stays round (yes, looks do matter—even when it comes to radishes) and delicious all summer long.

Not only are the plants uniform, but they also produce a lot of delicious red roots that are rich in flavor, give off a bit of a nip, and have crisp, white flesh.

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