More Winter Gardening Tips

by on January 3, 2011

Say Goodbye to Blisters

We used to think of gardening gloves as silly accessories. That was when we were about 9 years old, and we had never hoisted a shovel or built a stone path. Now—many years and many blisters later—we know better.

At Wells Lamont, they are trying their darndest to come between us and undue pain. They get that great garden gloves not only are not silly, they’re essential.

In addition to their traditional line of gardening gloves—some with seamless leather palms, some dipped in nitrile for a waterproof finish, some cut with a slim fit for small hands—Wells Lamont now offers a glove with Blister Armor LiquiCell technology. The thin liquid membrane in the palm and thumb areas helps prevent blisters.

Keep your best tools—your hands—happy in the garden.

Get More From What You Grow

Food Now!
Like most gardeners, you have an abundance of fruits and vegetables coming from your garden every year—and you’re always looking for creative ways to put it to good use.

Sure, you could toss together a quick salad. But if you want some new ideas on how to turn those fresh fruits and veggies into creative appetizers, entrees, and desserts each night, check out Food Now.

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Amaryllis: Keep the Blooms Bright after the Holidays

AmaryllisAn amaryllis is a gift that unwraps itself. As the dark days of winter go by, its flower stalk gets taller and taller, until one day it unfurls its brilliant red, white, or pink petals to bring color and drama to your home.

Here’s how to keep this holiday favorite happy and healthy:

  • Pot amaryllis bulbs in soilless potting mix, leaving the top third of the bulb above the soil.
  • After it blooms, remove faded flowers. Cut off the flower stalk when it starts to wither.
  • It’s common to see one amaryllis bulb per pot, but consider planting multiple bulbs in a large container for a spectacular display.
  • If tall flower stalks flop over, loosely tie them to thin metal or bamboo stakes.

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