More Veggies, Less Space

by on May 6, 2010

Succession Planting Each spring, as we plant our veggie gardens, we’re looking for ways to increase our harvest—especially those of us with small yards and gardens.

There’s one sure way to get a larger harvest out of a not-so-large space. The trick? Succession planting. Here’s how it works:

Sow a vegetable every few weeks, staggering the harvest for continuous production. For example, plant bush beans every two or three weeks to keep them in production until frost.

For slow-growing vegetables, plant varieties with different maturity dates at the same time. For example, early varieties of cabbage mature in about 55 days, midseason varieties in 80 days, and late varieties in 100 or more days. Plant all these varieties simultaneously in spring, and enjoy harvests of crisp, tasty cabbage well into the fall.

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