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by on October 29, 2010

Create a Glow in Your Garden

We’re always looking for something that’ll get our garden noticed. Having people stop and admire our garden by day is one thing, but having it lit up at night will cause some serious gawking.

No, we’re not talking about path lighting. We’re talking about something brand new: glow-in-the-dark rocks, pebbles, and sand from Geolumins.

How fun would it be to have your garden paths glow green at night as these specially treated rocks come to life? Just 15 minutes in the sun and Geolumins are recharged and ready to start glowing in the dark. Surround flagstones on walkways, draw attention to your favorite piece of garden art, or accent flowerbeds and retaining walls. You can even line koi ponds and fountains, because they’re safe for aquatic life.

Grow Fresh Tomatoes All Winter

Wouldn’t it be nice to grow tasty herbs and fresh tomatoes in your very own greenhouse all winter long? And don’t forget about starting seedlings, growing your favorite tropical plants, and forcing spring bulbs.

If you’re concerned about a greenhouse being too expensive, too permanent, and too much of a space hog, think again. A mini-greenhouse gives you some of the advantages of a permanent greenhouse without the steep investment.

Ranging from small cold-frame structures to large walk-in freestanding types, these inexpensive greenhouses are designed to be semi-permanent, lasting a few to several years. Many mini-greenhouses are portable and easy to store when you’re not using them. Some require a bit of assembly, while others take about as much time to put up as a pup tent.

Cool New Invention for Gardeners Who Love Their Pets

Kritter Kondo
For years, veterinarians have told us that keeping our cats indoors reduces the risk of disease and death. But as gardeners and pet parents, we know our kitties long to be outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and exploring.

Enter the Kritter Kondo. Looking a bit like an elongated hockey net, this mesh enclosure gives your cat or small dog a safe place to enjoy the outdoors. It snaps together easily (we managed it without even reading the directions) and has an optional tarp for sunny days.

The inventor has thought of everything: the enclosure is just big enough so you can wiggle inside to remove your pets when it’s time to go back indoors. And it comes in a nifty carrying case, so you can bring it to the beach, park, or campground for a feline (or canine) field trip.

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