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by on January 16, 2011

You’ve Never Seen Lawn Bags Like These

dsolv bag video
It used to be that we had a no-win choice when bagging leaves and yard waste: eco-friendly paper bags that turn to mush in a light rain, or sturdy plastic bags that resist the elements but clog up landfills.

Now we can have our lawn-bag cake and eat it, too, thanks to a completely different type of bag that’s new to the marketplace this year. Dsolv lawn bags are made of strong, durable mesh—but it’s not plastic. It’s made of corn starch and other natural materials, so it breaks down in about six months.

The other cool thing about mesh bags is that sticks and stems can poke out through the holes—no more unstoppable rips like the ones in plastic and paper bags. And they’re just as sturdy as plastic bags, with a 75-pound capacity.

Elevate Your Garden — and Save Your Back

Grownomics elevated garden beds
If the local farmer’s markets have you eager to grow your own tastes of summer — like crisp green beans, delicious lettuce, and fresh herbs — you may be surprised to learn just how easy it is.

And don’t be discouraged if all you have is a narrow side yard. Even gardeners with the smallest of spaces can go crazy with fresh veggies, thanks to Grownomics elevated garden beds. You don’t need any tools to assemble these raised beds — just pop the wood beams into place like a puzzle and you’re all set.

The raised beds are 32 inches high (your back and knees will appreciate this), and are made out of Western red cedar, a durable and rot-resistant wood.

The Little Black Dress for your Garden Hose

Hose Clothes
Garden hoses definitely aren’t the most attractive thing in your garden, which is why you hide them behind screens and stuff them into hose reels. After all, who wants to look at a plain old hose? No one — until now.

Hose Clothes, sassy little slipcovers for your garden hose, will make you think twice about leaving your hose lying around naked in the yard.

These slinky beauties are easy to slip on and off your hose (think pantyhose). They’re machine washable — as every good outfit should be. Choose from three fun summer patterns: sparkling blue, green pineapple, and leopard (for after work and evenings, of course).

A little bling never hurt anyone — not even a garden hose!

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