Mono Village and the High Sierra’s

by on July 19, 2010

Our Campsite on Robinson Creek

Our Campsite on Robinson Creek

Rarely have we had a more idyllic campsite that we scored in the private campground called Mono Village on the eastern side of the Sierra’s above the tiny town of Bridgeport. Of course we thoroughly enjoyed the drive over picturesque Sonora Pass with its soaring mountain peaks and rushing waterfalls. Truly every vantage point almost takes your breath away.

But, we were not really prepared for the beauty that would await us at the end of our journey. We purposefully left mid-week so we would have our pick of primo campsites and boy did we luck out. The creek raced past on one side and a meadow filled with wild purple irises beckoned from a short distance away.

Wild Purple Irises in July

Wild Purple Irises in July

We spent the first night relaxing and getting acquainted with our surroundings. I fixed us carnitas on a crispy tortilla shell with guacamole and Mari’s homemade salsa. What a treat! The we relaxed beside a roaring campfire reading our books, playing cards and hitting the hay a little early.

Next day I started out with a luscious cup of Peet’s coffee beside another wonderful blaze with another book and a couple of Gluten Free Gingersnaps from Trader Joe’s. Yum! A few hours later we headed to the coffee shop in the village and Tom attempted to log on to the internet. That never really worked out. Oh well… Instead Tom went on a little hiking adventure and I read my book, napped and enjoyed hanging out beside the upper Twin Lake.

The Mountains above the MeadowFinally Tom returned back to the lake and we headed back to the campsite for some more napping and pleasurable reading. Eventually Tom and I put on our hiking shoes and headed up the valley and into the mountains for a more intimate view of the peaks you see beside the text. It was truly magnificent with granite bluffs, hanging valleys covered with wildflowers and the ever present buzz of mosquitoes for accompaniment.

When we finally headed back to camp we decided to head back to the coffee shop for our evening meal. I enjoyed a steak and baked potato while Tom ordered a hamburger steak smothered in onions and gravy with a side of mashed potatoes.

The Deer had NO Fear of Us!

The Deer had NO Fear of Us!

We finally headed back to our campsite where we enjoyed the fire, I mastered the Coleman lantern and we played a few hands of Spite & Malice. I was the master on Wednesday night and Thursday night while Tom acquitted himself nicely on Friday night.

The last day for hiking was Friday and we started out on the hike that Tom had done the day before. We met two wonderful hikers, Dan and June, who made most of the journey with us. We loved telling stories and chatting most of the way up. The views were spectacular, whether we were looking down at the lake far below or up at the knife edged peaks that surrounded us. When we finally arrived at the base of the mountains were treated ourselves to a frosty swirl cone and I headed back to camp to soak my tired feet in the ice cold waters of Robinson Creek. Truly refreshing.

That night we met up with Dan and June again to enjoy BarBQue out by the lake with ice cold lemonade. Delicious. Then we headed back to the campsite for one last night beside a rip roaring blaze amidst the twinkling stars of the milky way!

We were both sad to go the next day but vowed we’d head back again with friends as it was too beautiful not to share!

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