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by on January 28, 2011

A Secure New Way to Hide Your Keys Outdoors

You probably hide a key outside in case someone in your family gets locked out. But do you ever worry about someone else finding it?RocLok will give you some peace of mind. It’s exactly what its name suggests: a rock with a combination-locked chamber inside so you can hide keys safely.

Everyone’s garden has a different look and feel, which is why RocLok comes in five styles to blend with your landscape. Gila, for example, is perfect for the side of a pond or dry riverbed. St. Helens, a lava rock, is ideal for gardens with a tropical look.

Tough enough to withstand bullets or blows from a sledgehammer, RocLok will keep thieves at bay—while also eliminating your fears of being locked out.

Check Out These Top Plant Picks for 2011

There’s something comforting about having classic favorites in your garden. But finding a modern new twist on those old favorites is even better—like a hydrangea that blooms longer or a sedum with a gorgeous new bloom color.

Start a new garden tradition this year with Spring Hill Nurseries’ hot picks for 2011—even hotter is saving $25 with every $50 purchase.

Hydrangea 'Peace'

Hydrangea ‘Peace’

This reblooming double-flowering hydrangea starts its show in early summer and continues all season long. Large blooms have layer upon layer of white petals.

Phlox paniculata 'Sherbet Blend'

Phlox paniculata ‘Sherbet Blend’

Elegant pink flowers and lime green edging make for a stunning contrast in this fragrant phlox that is tall and sturdy—great for bouquets.

Sedum 'Strawberries & Cream'

Sedum ‘Strawberries & Cream’

The gorgeous red to pink blooms of this compact variety provide a burst of color in late summer.

Slippers That Aren’t Afraid of a Little Mud

Bigfoot Shoe-in Slippers

No matter how much we appreciate the beauty of freshly fallen snow, winter can quickly turn into a mess. Eventually, the pristine snow turns into melting slush, and going outside to check on your garden means tracking dirt and ice into the house.

That’s why we love the idea of Bigfoot Shoe-in Slippers. Just stick your boots or shoes inside the slippers when you enter the house, and step out of them when you go back outside. The slippers prevent dirty soles from dragging in snow, ice, and grit.

The slippers are comfy and flexible, but they’re also tough and durable for everyday use. They’re made of recycled wool and polyester and have a flip-up heel for a snugger fit. They even have a handy loop on the heels so you can hang them near the door.

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