Make the Most of Your Harvest

by on September 30, 2009

Every year the same thing happens. It takes forever for veggies to reach their peak, and then all of a sudden the garden is so full that you can’t possibly eat it all—and the neighbors have had their fill, too. What we need to know is how to preserve produce for later.

Happily, Bob Flowerdew, a popular organic gardening expert in the United Kingdom, has answers for us. In his new book, Grow Your Own, Eat Your Own, he offers tips on everything from growing produce to harvesting and preserving it.

Flowerdew maps out how to extend your harvest for continuous production. Learn to grow for storage, processing, and preserving. Then give the tasty recipes a try, including jams, yummy desserts, and liqueurs.

Reap what you sow—in a big way. Bon Appetite!

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