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Lost TV Show

Well, I don’t know about you but I certainly feel Lost when I watch this show. So many questions and so few REAL answers but it certainly provides me and my friends with plenty of stuff to talk about.

Admittedly, the creators are starting to provide us with glimpses of the full story, and it’s roots, but I find it hard to believe that they will answer all our questions in the next three hours. I hope they do or I’m gonna be real upset.

Of course, I want Desmond to live happily ever after and I’d love to think that Sawyer will be reunited with Juliet in the alternate universe. Maybe Sayid will finally find peace and forgiveness and Hugo will find love.

I think Desmond is the key that unlocks the whole tightly wound ball. I kinda like Locke in the alternate universe but if he must be killed for everyone else to survive then, so be it.

Now here is my theory. I think, technically, that every one is dead and they are in a way station, an area between heaven and hell. They were all sent there in the hopes that one of them would replace Jacob, who was a bit tired of hanging around and guarding his brother. He can be a little bit annoying at times. They still have corporeal bodies in the way station, therefore they could go off the island and back into the time stream, if you will, but someone is going to have to stay behind and be a nursemaid to the smoke dude (Does he have a name? Someone help me out here).

Well, that’s my theory until someone else proves me wrong. Who do I think will be left behind??? Jack. Why? Because he doesn’t really have anything to go back to. He no longer has a wife or a dad or anything else he really cares about back in the real world. I think he will still have a son who he is finally connected with in the alternate universe and that he will be happy there but that on this other plain he will be there one to take up the mantle abandoned by Jacob.

Are Sun and Jin really dead. I don’t think so. I think when Desmond and Locke/Black Dude go toe to toe, that if Desmond wins a lot of things will be reversed and there will be a sort of realignment of the forces of nature or God.

Of course all of this is speculation, one woman’s opinion, which I am certainly allowed to have and supposedly all our questions will be answered in the next few shows and I will miss a show which has brought me many nights of enjoyment and speculation!

Thanks Cast and Crew of Lost for everything!

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