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by on September 30, 2012

Video: Is Your Lawn Gasping for Air?

Aerating Your Lawn
Want to know the secret to that lush lawn you crave? Here’s a hint: It’s the same basic stuff humans require!

And it’s provided with aeration, a simple process that involves removing small plugs of soil from your lawn. It should be done every few years to keep soil from becoming hard and compacted. Fall and spring are both good times to aerate because the weather is cool enough to ensure that your lawn won’t be too stressed by the process.

Watch this how-to video to learn why aerating’s vital to lawn health and the technique. It takes little time for an average-size lawn.

Then watch your grass become the lawn it was meant to be!

Mark Now, Find Later

Plant Markers
Divide and plant!

This time of year, that mantra’s heard ’round the gardening world. Digging up perennials and dividing them is an end-of-summer task that provides free plants for gardeners who want to expand their gardens.

Come spring, you’ll be happy you made the effort—provided you remember where you placed those divisions.

With tough CobraHead BioMarker Plant Markers, you can label and locate plants this fall and be assured you’ll be able to read the markers post-winter. They feature waterproof labels that can be laser-printed or written on with a grease pencil (supplied with each set). And when you want to replace the labels, simply peel them off.

BioMarkers are made from recycled materials and can be used season after season. They come in several colors (and a variety pack) in sets of 15, 30, and 60 markers.

Divide and plant—and label!

Drip and Save

Watering KitHoly smokes! This hot and dry summer has many gardeners getting burned with record-breaking water bills.

Stop fuming and start dripping—with drip irrigation systems that are easy to install yourself. Watering the roots directly is better for plants and saves water.

Rain Bird’s Landscape Drip Watering Kit provides spot watering for as many as 23 widely spaced plants. The system can be expanded at any time to cover new gardens as you add them. Note that the faucet connection kit and irrigation distribution tubing are sold separately.

DripWorks’ Heart of the Garden Kit is another homeowner-friendly drip irrigation system. Each kit includes the basics: a filter, regulator, and mainline tubing. You select additional kits for your garden’s particular needs. Handy DIY videos on their website make it easy to decide what you need and provide tips for installation.

Smart watering saves dough!

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