Know Your Options

by on September 2, 2009

Many home buyers are discouraged by how little their money may buy in today’s market. Rather than looking at this as a curse, perhaps they should look at it as a blessing.

There are many options when one thinks about purchasing a home. Let’s say you have $75,000 saved up for a down payment. You could use that as a down payment on a $375,000 condo or you could use it as a down payment on a home which is $250,000 which you may very well turn a positive cash flow on, the minute that you rent it out. This allows your money to work for you.

Many years ago, I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and I really got the concept from him that a home is really a doo-dad, whereas, an investment property was putting your money to work for you.

Since then, my real estate goals have changed. I would like to own 10 investment properties but don’t really care whether I own a home or not. Seems kinds strange to say but is truly how I feel.

If you have any questions regarding strategies for purchasing a home or want to talk more about Robert Kiyosaki’s books, feel free to call me.

I’m here to serve you!

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