It’s Time to Plan Camping 2011

by on January 5, 2011

To the Top of the Mountain we go!

Time to admit that I am experiencing a bit of wanderlust right now. The weather is pretty awful, the days are short and there is just not that much to get excited about with the holidays past. OK, OK, maybe Valentine’s Day and Easter are a bit of a reason to get pumped up but for me the real thrill is thinking about trails not yet explored, vistasĀ  not yet seen and the smell of the high mountains just waiting to be experienced.

You can bet your bottom dollar that we will be back on the Eastern side of the Sierra’s at our earliest opportunity. We will definitely go to Annette’s Mono Village again. I also want to check out the Virginia Lakes area a little more thoroughly.

Tom and I both want to take more friends up this next year as we have the perfect campground for a large group of people scoped out. It’s been ages since we took friends with us on one of our grand camping adventures. There is nothing like getting up early and fixing a pot of coffee for all comers and seeing the grateful look on their face as they take that first sip. The sense of satisfaction for all concerned is very rewarding.

Maybe we will make it up to Mendocino. That was always one of our favorite hang-out when Heather was growing up. Van Damme State Park has a wonderful campground to enjoy. Or perhaps we can stay at one of the cozy bed and breakfasts which abound up there but then that just wouldn’t be the same. Fun but not quite as adventurous as camping out under the stars.

And, I have some new camping recipes which I would like to try on all my friends. Whether it’s Texas Roadhouse Chili or Mandarin Chicken, I am itching for the challenge. Maybe I can get Kelly to come up and make one of his famous dutch oven cobblers. That would really be a treat. Perhaps I will try my hand at Angela’s Fried Apple Pie or Dad’s Biscuits, they both sound great. See, I’m already looking on line for new recipes and it’s not even January yet. Egad, I’ve got months ahead to dream about it!

Anyway, I hope you will join us this year as it has been too long!

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