It’s Definitely Spring in the Garden!

by on May 13, 2011

Pots Made of Rice?

Rice Hull GardensHave you ever noticed how most indoor plants are sold in ugly plastic pots, so you have to transplant them into something prettier? We have.

Say goodbye to ugly pots with Rice Hull Gardens. Elegant in their simplicity, the pots are environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable—not to mention better looking than unattractive, boring plastic.

They’re made from rice hulls and other renewable grain husks, so you might think they would fall apart easily. In truth, they keep their shape and texture for about five years.

Whether you love plants you can eat or ones that are just pretty to look at, there’s a Rice Hull Garden for you: check out Basil Bouquet, Chocolate Viola, Lavender, and Sedum.

Talk to the Birds

wooden bird calls
Tending our gardens puts us in touch with much more than soil and plants. We also learn a lot about nature, particularly birds. By now you probably recognize some of their calls. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to talk back to them?

We think so. That’s why we really like these handmade wooden bird calls. Made in rural England, these rustic, beautifully carved calls are crafted from beech branches and drilled to produce realistic sounds.

Three styles make distinctly different lifelike calls: mallard duck, blackbird, and hoot owl. Each call comes with instructions on how to make the most realistic call. Collect all three to get the kid in your life into birding—or get your Father’s Day shopping done early this year.

Check Out This Edgy Hosta

'Hacksaw' hosta
Hostas are our go-to favorite for those tough-to-fill shady spots where nothing else will grow.

When we’re bored with the usual hostas and want something new for our shade garden, we turn to unusual-looking cultivars like the ‘Hacksaw’ hosta. Jagged, piecrust edges are a real attention grabber, matched only by the large clusters of lavender flowers that bloom in summer. Learn how to grow this edgy beauty in your garden:

Common name: ‘Hacksaw’ hosta

Botanical name: Hosta ‘Hacksaw’

Plant type: Perennial

Zones: 3 to 9

Height: 9 inches tall, 28 inches wide

Family: Liliaceae

Growing conditions

Sun: Full shade to part shade

Soil: Average, well-drained

Moisture: Medium to moist


Mulch: Mulch to preserve moisture in the soil.

Pruning: None needed.

Fertilizer: None needed.

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