Into the Wild Blue Yonder

by on October 27, 2010

The Blue Angels above the Golden Gate

Vroom! Vroom! There is a thrill that resonates through your whole body when these beautiful birds fly over head. Not one single person that I observed on this beautiful fall day seemed to be unaffected by it. It was Saturday, October 9th and the culmination of all the festivities for Fleet week, celebrating a proud maritime tradition in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tom, our dear friend Demetri, and myself headed off to San Francisco to catch the air show. Even though I was pretty darn sick with a cold I just could not miss it. The weather was stunning. Tom stood on the Golden Gate in a T-shirt for over 2 hours and was never cold. Truly an amazing experience. I sat on a park bench not far from the Golden Gate and relaxed as I waited for the Big Show.

The Golden Gate in Autumn

While the crowd waited in anticipation of the Blue Angels we enjoyed the French fliers. They were very good but there was a noticeable difference between them and the Blue Angels. Maybe it’s drilling but the precision of our fliers was amazing!

As you can see, the Golden Gate was stunning. My friend Demetri took these beautiful pictures. He has become quite accomplished with his photography.

So, finally the Blue Angels made there appearance and the crowd went wild. Young and old, alike, stood mesmerized by the power, the beauty, that is the Blue Angels. We clapped, we roared, we waved as these magnificent men in their flying machines did loop-de-loops and curlicues in the sky above our heads. People all around me took pictures and showed each other their shots. We watched breathlessly as they made another pass overhead. Pointing to each other when one of them would emerge from behind a hill or a tree.

High Speed Fly By

I think the show lasted close to 30 minutes. This surprised me a little since I know they burn a lot of fuel doing these maneuvers. They flew low to the water, they way up so high we were all afraid they would stall and fall to earth. They flew upside down and right side up. They flew slow, and they flew fast, but whatever they did, it was never a dull moment.

Then it was over and the crowd disbursed rapidly, happy that they had caught a wonderful performance on a fabulous day.

I trudged back to the car and waited a short while for the boys to show up while I watched passersby on their way to Baker Beach. The traffic was so crazy that Tom and Demetri hiked down to the beach while I listened to the Cal Bears post game show and took a nap. Ah, relaxation!

Then homeward to cook a wonderful dinner and relax beside the fire pit in the back yard. Heavenly!

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