Into the Garden in Fall

by on October 6, 2011

Don’t Let Wind Destroy Your Deck Furniture

Deck KeeperFall is coming. Do you know where your deck furniture is? In high winds, it doesn’t take much to send chairs, tables, umbrellas—even grills—flying.

Now you can keep your outdoor furniture (and your grill!) safe with the Deck Keeper. Simply slip a rope or bungee cord around, over, or through what you want to protect. Connect it to the Deck Keeper, which fits in between the boards of your deck, and turn to lock the system into place. Even better is that this handy little device is reusable season after season.

Easy to install in just a few seconds, this affordable gadget is made of PVC and nylon and can secure up to about 100 pounds—and will leave you wondering why you didn’t think of it first.



Garden Lights That Aren’t Messy? You Got It!

lightsTrees, arbors, deck railings, and archways look beautiful when they’re sparkling with lights after dark. But all those wires and plugs aren’t very pretty or energy efficient.

Skip the messy strands of lights and check out Aurora Glow solar light strings.

Powered by the sun, these artisan light strings feature six hand-blown glass bulbs. Spaced on a 25-foot long string, these colorful bulbs create an inviting glow in the evening. (Just make sure they’re in a spot that gets good light during the day.)

Lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn thanks to a photo light sensor, and the light string’s mini solar panel is small enough to be out of sight while catching rays. High-powered LED lights, rechargeable battery, and copper hooks are all included.

Take the Plunge: Add a Water Feature to Your Garden

Water Feature If you’ve ever dreamed about adding a water feature to your garden but were interrupted by the nightmare of actually doing it, let us break it down for you. Our six steps will help you plan the perfect pond.Define your goals
Are you interested in fish, or do you care more about unusual plants? Is hearing the relaxing sound of water your main objective? Clarifying your goals will help you choose the right site, size, and design for your water feature.

Choose the site
Pick a location you’ll see often from the outside and inside. You might want the water feature near your kitchen window, or beside your patio. The more you see your pond, the more you’re apt to maintain it, so keep it in sight where you can enjoy it year-round.


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