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by on December 18, 2010

Say Hello to a Dilly of a Daylily

Kokomo Sunset
Daylilies are the workhorses of the garden. We count on them to provide color in dry spots, brighten that place behind the garage where nothing grows, and stand up to neglect.
All of this is true of the new Kokomo Sunset, but what’s even better is that this hardy daylily blooms continuously from spring to autumn — so you can keep the color going in your garden.
These compact daylilies boast large, ruffled gold flowers with burgundy eyes. They’re rust resistant, and their short, grassy foliage won’t flop over in the wind.
Easy on the eyes and easy to grow, Kokomo Sunset is the first of a three-daylily series known as the Enjoy 24/7 collection — even the name is easy!

Take These Cute Little Plants Anywhere

Pinky Trees
What’s tiny, cute, alive, green, and can be taken anywhere by plant-loving gardeners? Guessing could take a while, so we’ll just tell you: Pinky Trees.
The name is a bit misleading, because Pinky Trees aren’t really trees. They’re little plants growing in 2-inch capsules — think key chain, cell phone, or purse accessory. Or you could collect them all, start a desktop garden at work, and be the center of the office’s water-cooler talk. They need watering just twice a month, so they’re perfect for those of us who aren’t so diligent about caring for indoor plants.
There are 11 Pinky Trees to choose from — and even their names are cute. Check out Snowball, a spring-flowering cactus from central Mexico, or Cleo, a succulent from South Africa. They’re all grown without chemical pesticides, and the capsules are made with recyclable plastic.

Stop Flashing the Neighbors while Gardening

longtail tanks
Tired of worrying about whether you’re giving the neighbors an eyeful every time you bend over while gardening? Ha! So are we.
That’s why we were excited to hear about Duluth Trading Company’s new longtail tanks. These comfy cotton shirts will keep you from showing more than you’d like to — no matter what you’re doing outdoors.
True to its name, the longtail tank is 2 inches longer than other tanks, so it stays tucked in and your backside stays covered. You’ll appreciate the hidden snap tabs that keep bra straps out of sight, the built-in UPF 35 coverage that protects you from the sun’s harmful rays, and the fact that it’s pre-washed so there’s no stress about shrinkage.
Garden-worthy shirts don’t get much better than this.

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