I Love the Spring & Summer!

by on May 12, 2012

Why? Because it’s when the hummingbirds come back, the plants bloom and I can start having garden parties again.

This year is no exception. We’ve already had Easter Brunch, a Birthday party for Steve, my upcoming Cinco de Mayo party and a bevvy of others planned. My calendar looks like the airplanes stacked up above the 101 corridor waiting to land at the San Jose airport.

Which is all the more reason for me to add some fun little bits of color and light to my garden. I always want it to look and smell it’s best at this time of year.

I was at the Car Wash on Sunday and I saw some really cool little things to add some whimsy out there. As you can see, this flower caught my eye.

Then I added a new mirror from Orchard Supply Hardware, which was already on sale, but I was able to use my 20% of coupon for a single item and purchased it for about $15.00, which made me super happy.

And, with future posts you will see the butterflies and (hopefully a water feature) that will make my humble garden an even more intimate oasis for myself, my family and all my wonderful friends.

Now, let’s talk about food. My second favorite subject behind my garden. Cinco de Mayo is coming up and I can’t wait to experiment of my friends with chicken enchilada’s stuffed with chicken, black beans and feta cheese or the chili relleno enchilada’s stuffed with roasted pasillo peppers and toasted pine nuts. I might also try making gluten-free pound cake and making these wonderful kabob’s with pound cake squares & strawberries drizzled with chocolate.  And, I’m working on a new margarita recipe which is sure to please my guests.

Tom is loving this so much he suggested that we have a party every weekend. (Are you kidding???)

I think that might be a bit much especially when I want to go on at least 4 camping trips this year, and I hope that some of my friends will be inviting me over to their lovely back yard for a little fun, food and frivolity.

But, as usual we will have friends over for a back yard Bar-B-Q on the 4th of July at which point I hope to try my new rotisserie for the Bar-B-Q for the first time. I’ll also be throw a 50th Anniversary for my folks on their 50th Anniversary. How amazing is that?!?

The last one we will have for this summer season will be Oktoberfest featuring lots of delicious sausages and plenty of suds with a variety of tasty beers from many of the micro-breweries in the area. That was is guaranteed to be a friend favorite as there are not too many people that I know who hate a good beer or two on a warm fall evening with a lovely fire in the fire pit and the heater cranking out a little extra warmth as the temperatures start to dip later in the evening.

Here’s to plenty of fun in the sun, listening to Greg Brown or Stevie Ray Vaughn, while sipping on a cool brew, enjoying good company, great food and lively conversation all spring, summer and into the fall…


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