How to Minimize Your Effect on the Environment

by on June 24, 2009

You can help save our water supplies, lakes, bays, rivers and oceans by helping to reduce the hazardous materials that go down the drain. These steps can help save our environment from further damage.

1. Buy cleaners and household products marked non-toxic.

2. Use only the amount of chemicals you absolutely need. Take care to prevent spills.

3. Use kitty litter or commercial absorbent material to get oil off of your sidewalks. Do not hose them down. Depending on the chemical absorbed, dispose of materials in your trash or at a hazardous waste collection site.

4. Take all old chemicals and containers to a hazardous waste collection site for proper disposal.

5. Rinse paint brushes in the sink. Filter and reuse thinners and cleaners if you must use them. Don’t dump paint thinner in the sink. Take it to a collection center.

6. Recycle all reusable materials. Throw litter into trash cans and keep lids tight to prevent spills caused by neighborhood critters.

7. Use pesticides and herbicides as little as possible in your garden. Do not apply if rain is in the forecast.

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