Home Safety Tips

by on June 15, 2009

1. Falls are the leading cause of injuries in the home. Buy a small ladder or step stool. Do not stand on a chair, carton, etc. Always have someone there to help you if you have to climb.

2. Burns are also a major cause of injuries. Keep your water heater temperature low enough so that scalding water doesn’t flow. Don’t smoke in bed. Don’t wear loose clothing when cooking or barbecuing.

3. Never use electrical appliances near a sink or bathtub.

4. Tack down rugs and carpets so there are no loose edges. Consider using two-sided tape on area rugs.

5. Use non-skid mats or strips in the bathtub to prevent slipping.

6. Wear protective clothing and eyewear when doing yard work.

7. Have an emergency exit or escape plan for your home in case of fire, earthquakes, etc.

Be Safe!

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