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The Mona Lisa of Pumpkins

Not your typical jack 'o' lantern

This year instead of going to Tait Street in Los Gatos or just hanging out at the house we decided to head up in to the Santa Cruz mountains.

We have a dear friend who lives in a little community there called Chemeketa Park. He invited us to a pumpkin carving party on Saturday night the 30th. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it. Tom did get up there, however, and when I saw him later that night he raved about all the beautiful pumpkins and how much fun it was to watch everyone carve them.

Our friend Rich’s grand daughter, Ella, carved a pumpkin bigger than her. She was so proud of it. As luck would have it, Tom did not take the camera so I do not have a photo to show you but she was very proud of her master work. Next year I will be there with my camera for sure!

Le Grande EntranceThe next night, Halloween night,we hung out at our house for an hour or so, passing out every scrap of candy we could find and then turned off all out lights, heading up the hill to Rich’s house.

It was fun driving through our neighborhood admiring all the little ‘trick or treat-ers’ as they ran from house to house enjoying all the festivities.

While Rich and a guest finished their meal we headed to the house just it the street to admire all the creative handy work of the many homeowners and their kids who call Chemeketa Park home. It was really something as you can see.

There were literally hundreds of pumpkins all along the path leading to their home. Some fun, some silly, but all quite fun. I am featuring a few of my favorites but it was truly a lot of fun just to admire them all.

When we finally made it back to our home it was decidedly boring as all the kids had gone home and most of our neighbors who had done such a spectacular job of decorating their homes had turned off all the light and settled down for a scary movie on the TV.

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