Going Green All Year Long

by on March 13, 2012

Create a Work of Art in Your Garden

Garden ArtNow is the time to get creative. With much of the growing season over, you have more time to relax, sit back, and ponder ways to keep your garden design interesting and intriguing.

Add art to your garden to create interest, dimension, and movement during a time when bright blooms are scarce. Here’s how.

Decide on art’s role. Garden art is any decorative object you place in your landscape—anything from a picturesque scarecrow to a large decorative urn. The first step in placing garden art is deciding whether you want it to be the center of attention or play a supporting role.

Grab some attention. A piece of art can help visually organize the area. Another way to use art is to place it at the end of a path, where you can see it from a distance. The added perspective creates a powerful draw.

Two Clever Ways to Store Your Harvest

Fresh from the garden or bought off the shelf, garlic, onions, and potatoes are always a bit tricky to store.

Looking for smart, convenient ways to keep your fall harvest fresh a while longer? We’ve got two ideas we think you’ll love.

Sack it up Sack it up
The Vegetable Keep Sack is a stylish storage solution with a double-drawstring design. Just add veggies at the top and remove them from the bottom. Made of machine-washable cotton, these cute sacks protect potatoes from light and delay sprouting of garlic and onions. Hang them on a wall or kitchen rail for easy access.
Hang it up
Hang it up
Have herbs you need to dry? No problem. Dry six freshly harvested bunches of herbs at one time on this hanging herb drying rack. Just cut, tie, and hang herbs, flowers, hot peppers, even garlic. Includes six hooks.




Keep Your Easter Lily Healthy

Easter Lily With Easter just around the gardening corner, here’s a way to enjoy your Lily long after the holiday is done. Follow our simple tips to keep this elegant plant healthy and happy:

• Remove protective sleeves from pots; they can encourage root rot.
• Put plants in bright, indirect light, away from drafts.
• Keep daytime temperatures at 60°F to 65°F (slightly cooler at night).
• When plants bloom, remove the yellow anthers. This prolongs bloom life and prevents pollen from staining.
• Cut off spent blooms, and water only as needed.
• Keep cats away – lily leaves are poisonous to cats, causing lethargy, vomiting, kidney failure, and even death.

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