Gliding Down the River

by on May 27, 2010

About 10 years ago we started a new tradition on our camping trips gliding down the river on our inter-tubes.  It was so much fun. We’ve primarily been down the Truckee and the Klamath Rivers but hope to try out a few others in the future.

The Truckee River

I’ll never forget the first time we did it down the Truckee. It was in September and we went with a group of friends. There were probably about 10 of us and we put in up near the ‘Hiney’ Bridge (that’s the place in Tahoe City where people love to look over the bridge at the HUGE trout that hang out below it looking for handouts. They know they are protected there and so they have grown very fat and sassy!)

We were all loaded up with sun screen, hats and sun glasses. We filled up our inter-tubes at the chevron station (don’t ask me where we got the inter-tubes from!?! I thin it might have been a little store up there. They were pretty reasonable.) Then we headed to the other side of the foot bridge and gingerly put our feet in the water. Brisk is the word I’d use to describe it or maybe bracing.  Eventually we got out on the stream.

It was a blast right from the very beginning! Yes, there were some rapids and one time my rear end struck a rock a little bit hard (had a black and blue mark to prove it the next day) but boy was it a blast. All of us were hooked and couldn’t wait to do it again.

The Klamath

Next we had to try it on the Klamath River. This was over the fourth of July weekend and we were there with at least 10 friends and family. Heather did not go on the longer tubing trip that started up by the Dam. She did it from just above our campsite to about 5 campsites down. Just the right length of time for her and she did it over and over and over again.

We big kids did it many times too over the course of the 4 days we were there. The hardest part was getting my dad to take us up by the Dam to unload all the tubes. But we did it. What a blast. I did fall out of the inter-tube once and lost one of my favorite hats, oh well, but what a time was had by all.

This year we plan to head to Tahoe again and maybe, just maybe, I can talk a few of our friends in to having a wonderful time on the river with us. If not, I will be sure to take plenty of awesome pictures to share with you. The magic of the mountain and the pine scent air call me like a siren song every spring and I have ignored that call for far to long.

We also plan a trip to Mammoth and R-Ranch later in the year and then there is always our September trip to Tahoe so there will be many adventures this summer. Here’s hoping that you make lots of great memories doing the things you love best!

Looking Towards Emerald Bay

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