Getting Rid of Pesky Snails and Slugs

by on May 10, 2010


What’s just as frustrating as slug and snail damage? The never-ending search for a solution that really works. Corry’s® and Deadline® will stop the destruction in your garden, but proper application is key. Follow these tips to help get rid of the slimy pests once and for all:

Wait for rain or darkness.
Apply baits at night, when slugs feed. They also love rain, so apply after rainfall or water the area before applying.

Less is best.
Spread about 20 pellets per linear foot around the plant. For the liquid paste, apply a thin “pencil line” ring. For the meal formulation, lightly dust around the plant. Spread evenly and don’t clump the bait—snails and slugs can only eat so much. Follow package directions carefully.

Look for hiding places.
Apply where snails and slugs hide during the day, including rocks, ivy, and high grass.

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