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by on November 29, 2011

Not Just for Thanksgiving

Sage Most of us probably didn’t pull fresh sage leaves from the garden for our Thanksgiving stuffing, but there’s little reason we couldn’t have: Sage is easy to grow.

This aromatic herb is hardy in northern climates and it does double duty as a pretty, aromatic accent in flower beds and containers. Learn how to grow sage in your garden.

Common name: Sage, common sage
Botanical name: Salvia officinalis
Plant type: perennial
Zones: 4 to 8
Height: 2 to 2½ feet
Family: Lamiaceae

Growing conditions
• Sun: Full sun
• Soil: Well-drained
• Moisture: Dry to medium; sage won’t do well in wet spots.

• Mulch: Mulch to preserve moisture in the soil.
• Pruning: To encourage a bushy habit, prune in spring.
• Fertilizer: None needed.

A Clever, Easy Planter

Envio-Cakes If you’re like us, you’ve forgotten to water your houseplants on more than one occasion, and then made up for it by overwatering them. Unfortunately, neither gesture is appreciated by our sad plants.

Forget the guilt of neglecting houseplants and start enjoying them with an Enviro-Cake—a fun and clever terrarium created to look like a cake on a cake plate.

Easy to maintain, an Enviro-Cake is created with tropical foliage plants that do best in bright, indirect light. Leave the top on to maintain the humidity these plants love. Remove it only to give a slight misting if the media becomes too dry, and to trim any plants that become too large for the container. How’s that for easy?

Funky Finds You’ll Love

For a lot of us, winter gardening is limited to tending indoor plants and keeping our backyard visitors fed.

This winter, put an artsy twist on both houseplants and birdfeeders with these two fun ideas. They might work well for your holiday gift list, too.

Vertical Options Vertical Options

Create a work of art with your favorite small plant by hanging it on the wall like a picture with these funky Vertical Planters. When it comes time to water, just remove the small lid at the top of the planter for a quick drink.

A Rounded Approach

A Rounded Approach

Keep your feathered friends coming back for more with this Fly-Through Bird Feeder. This unique design lets birds perch on the edge of the circle and feed from the opening in the center—giving you a well-rounded view of all the action at the feeder.

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