Gardening News – Spring has Sprung

by on February 14, 2011

Silence the Creaks and Squeaks

in Your Garden

Liquid Wrench sample packEvery now and then we come across something in our garden that needs more than a green thumb. Like that wheelbarrow that doesn’t quite wheel anymore.

Liquid Wrench seems better suited to the workshop than the garden, but you’d be surprised how many ways you can use the handy new Liquid Wrench sample pack in your yard and garden.

Six handy sprays help with everything from silencing those squeaky hinges on your potting shed to cleaning your gardening tools. Spray tools with Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil to keep them working smoothly all season, or try the Silicone Spray to stop rust from damaging your wheelbarrow. Worried about outdoor safety? The silicone spray also prevents moisture buildup on outdoor electrical outlets.

Outfox the Squirrels

SquirrelStopLet’s be honest: squirrels humiliate us. Day after day, these twitchy little mammals get the better of us. Even in winter, when there aren’t many live plants to destroy, squirrels continue the assault by robbing our birdfeeders.

It’s payback time. Forget the red pepper flakes. Forget the BB gun. Just hang your birdfeeder on the dome-shaped SquirrelStop, sit back, and watch the show.

The smart design of SquirrelStop does two critical things: it prevents the squirrel from eating your birdfood and it makes the squirrel look ridiculous.

When your nemesis climbs onto the birdfeeder, his weight activates a motor (powered by batteries). The motor spins the feeder, and then he’s either flung off or he’s hanging on for dear life until it stops, at which time he staggers away. But don’t worry—he’s probably got a cousin who’s willing to try it next.

Check Out This Award-Winning Rose

Hot Cocoa roseIf February has you thinking about roses, we’ve got a pick for you that will last longer than a bouquet.

The Hot Cocoa rose won an All-America Rose Selections award in 2003, and gardeners haven’t stopped salivating over it since. The chocolate-orange color and its spicy, tea-like fragrance are great matches for a fall garden. Luckily, you don’t have to wait—it starts blooming in May.

Common name: Rose
Botanical name: Rosa ‘Wekpaltlez’ Hot Cocoa
Plant type: Shrub
Zones: 5 to 9
Height: 3 to 4 feet
Family: Rosaceae

Growing conditions
•Full sun. Tolerates light shade, but flowering isn’t as good.
•Average, slightly acidic, well-drained soil
•Average moisture

•Mulch to preserve moisture in the soil.
•Prune to shape in early spring. Cut out a third of old canes.
•Fertilize in early spring and early summer.

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