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by on May 31, 2010

Protect Your Hands from the Sun

Sunflower  Gloves Before heading out to the garden, most of us lather on the sunscreen, grab a wide-brimmed hat, and throw on a pair of gloves to protect our hands. But once the heat is on, the first thing to go is usually the hot, sticky gloves. So much for protecting our hands from the sun!

Slip on a pair of Sunflower gloves from Mud and you’ll keep them on, even when the sun is sweltering.

The breathable mesh material will keep you cool, and the SPF 50+ fabric will protect your hands from the harmful rays of the sun. These gloves don’t stop there—they keep going all the way past your elbows for added protection from the sun, the rose bushes, and anything else that might scrape or scratch in the garden.

Malabar Spinach: Beautiful and Tasty

Malabar Spinach Let’s face it—as much as you love your home-grown veggies, produce just isn’t as pretty as perennials. But what if it were?

Malabar spinach is a beautiful deep-green vine that will catch the attention of even those who don’t cook. Originally from India, where it’s a perennial vine that grows up to 30 feet long, malabar spinach is mostly grown as an annual in the United States and Canada.

It’s not a true spinach, but the taste is similar. Because it grows upward on a trellis, it won’t take up much room in your garden. And best of all, it thrives during the hot summer months when true spinach tends to bolt.

Turn on the Charm with Climbing Roses

Garden Essentials Gift Set Once your veggies are planted, the annuals are potted, and the perennials are sprouting, it feels like the last thing you have room for is roses. But look up—that’s where the space is.

Follow our tips to add color and height to your garden with climbing roses:

Windows, doors, and walls
Grow roses over your front door or around windows to create gorgeous views from inside and outside. Pick a sturdy, highly fragrant repeat bloomer, such as ‘Pink Perpetue’ or ‘Sympathie’ (both Zones 5 to 9).

Free-standing trellises and fences
Climbing roses make a great screen for an undesirable view—like an air conditioner, your neighbor’s yard, or a fence. Short, dense climbers like the hybrid musk ‘Lavender Lassie’ (Zones 5 to 9) are perfect for a chain-link fence.

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