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by on January 26, 2012

Have Some Fun with Indoor Gardening

Baby it’s cold outside! So we’re looking to the indoors for fun ways to satisfy our need to garden.

Houseplants are always an option, but something a bit more exotic—mushrooms, anyone?—are just what’s needed to keep your green thumb busy and happy this winter.

Mushroom Magic Mushroom Magic
You can grow up to 1½ pounds of delicious pearl oyster mushrooms with this easy-to-use mushroom kit. It contains everything you need, including mushroom mycelium embedded in recycled coffee grounds. Just mist with water daily, and you’ll start harvesting mushrooms in as little as 10 days. (We recommend following the optional instructions to soak the coffee grounds first.)
Pruned and Pretty Pruned and Pretty
While the fragrant Gardenia jasminoides requires patience and pruning to become the three-year-old beauty pictured here, you’ll enjoy each step with the Gardenia Bonsai Specimen Grow Kit. This gorgeous evergreen shrub will repay your TLC with sweet-smelling blooms each year in early summer.




Showy Indoor Blooms

If you can’t be outside in your garden this time of year, we feel your pain—and we’ve got a few ideas to help ease it.

Satisfy your need for color with these Showy Houseplants that will get you through the season with their beautiful blooms.

A Touch of the Tropics A Touch of the Tropics
Some gardeners consider hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) the queen of flowers. With flat blooms that can reach 12 inches across and colors ranging from yellows to reds and silvery blues, it’s definitely a showstopper. Keep the blooms coming in the warmer months with lots of light and water.
Big is Beautiful Big is Beautiful
With their huge, pendulous flowers (which may be fragrant, depending on the type), angel’s trumpets (Brugmansia spp.) have variegated foliage and bloom in shades of yellow, orange, peach, or white. Lots of light and humidity will keep this plant happy, but one caution: all parts of these plants are extremely poisonous.




Two Creative Ways to Enjoy Backyard Birds

It’s amazing how quickly a feeder can attract birds. Before you know it, your yard is alive with their vivid colors, songs, and cute babies perched in nests calling to mom and dad for food.

To make the most of the show in your backyard, here are two fun products.

Pretty and Tasty Pretty and Tasty
Mr. Bird Decorative Birdseed Garland is a 72-inch-long jute garland that’s adorned with birdseed stars, wreaths, and hearts. Wind it around a tree or drape it along a fence. Then enjoy watching birds swoop in for a snack—they’ll appreciate the extended holiday feast.
Never Miss a Photo
Never Miss a Photo
Once birds know your house is the place to be, take digital pictures and videos of them like a pro with the easy-to-use BirdCam. “Smart Sensor” technology allows you to take motion-activated photos without tools, software, or wiring. You won’t believe the results!
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