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by on December 11, 2011

Plantable Pop-art Paper for the Holidays

Gardener Comic Book If you’re looking for a fun, cool, and absolutely unique holiday gift, you’ve gotta check out the Gardener Comic Book from aHa! Modern Living.

The comic book’s cover features a gardener superhero. Open the cover and you’ll find two sheets of handmade seed paper packed with a mix of herb seeds.

We’re suckers for plantable paper. Who wants to throw away cards or gift wrap when you can plant them instead? And this paper takes things a step further with its pop-art, comic book theme. Planting instructions are on the back. Wrap small gifts with the seed paper and let friends know they’re really getting two gifts in one, or just give the paper, which comes in other themes too, as gifts.

A Watering Can Sleek Enough for the Catwalk

Watering Can Ever wonder why watering cans are so ugly and bulky? Okay, true, they’re not all eyesores. But so many of them are that you have to wonder what’s up with that.

Get ready to water in style with this sleek, minimalist Magnetic Watering Can. The Swedish-designed watering can is made of long-lasting stainless steel and includes a flexible hose. A built-in magnet holds the hose snugly against the can when you’re not using it. How cool is that?

To water, just hold the can in one hand and the hose in the other. That way, you can easily maneuver the hose around even the densest foliage. To stop the flow of water, just raise the tube. Fashionable and functional—this is a watering can that stands out from the crowd.

Everlasting Indoor Blooms

When it comes to beautiful blooms, not all of us are master gardeners. For those who appreciate beauty but have no green thumb, we’ve got a few options.These two creative options—each with an eco-friendly twist—make it possible for you to enjoy colorful blooms without having to wring them from your garden.
Recycled Blooms Recycled Blooms
These repurposed blooms, which are made entirely from household recyclables, including milk jugs and cleaning containers, are the creation of artist Lauren Karnitz. From roses and magnolias to lilies and sunflowers, each is a custom, one-of-a-kind piece of art.
Reusable Vases
Reusable Vases
If you’re tired of all of the random vases you have lying around the house, check out this line of expandable, unbreakable vases from Vazu. Be careful, though: this funky, versatile collection may outshine your bouquet.
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