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by on May 2, 2011

Need to Sit While Gardening? No Problem!

Knox Garden Box
Raised beds are such a help when all the stooping, bending, and kneeling that goes with gardening gets to be too much. But many raised beds aren’t tall enough.

Knox Garden Box solves this problem with three different sizes of raised beds that make it easy for you to sit while you work. And like other raised beds, these boxes allow you to grow more herbs, veggies, and flowers in less space with better drainage than you often get in a garden bed.

Want to move your Knox Garden Box to a different spot? No problem. Wheels can be ordered separately, as well as handles.

Better yet is that in honor of National Garden Month (April), a percentage of Knox Garden Box sales will benefit the Wheelchair Foundation.

Tired of Digging? Shake Your Garden Instead

Shake-N-SeedWhen you need a carpet of colorful flowers to fill in blank spots in your garden, ground covers are the perfect answer. The only problem is that covering all that ground is back-breaking and expensive.

Happily, Outsidepride’s new Shake-N-Seed makes having a wide variety of ground covers easy and affordable. Each seed shaker also contains lime, which makes soil less acidic, adds valuable micronutrients, and helps break down organic matter.

You’ll easily find something that suits your garden in their rapidly expanding line of shakable seeds. Check out their creeping thyme, Irish moss, verbena, sedum, wildflowers, and alyssum. They even have an “envirolawn” mix, which lets you replace your lawn with an attractive mix of hard fescue, clover, and flowers. With this many pretty plants, you’re limited only by your imagination.

A Fun Kit to Get Kids Gardening

Kids don’t always want to eat their vegetables—unless they grow them themselves. The American Gardening Association says 98 percent of kids who grow their own vegetables will actually eat them.

That’s why we really like Growums. These fun kits make it easy for all kids, even those who don’t have a garden, to grow vegetables and herbs. All six kits—Herb Garden, Pizza Garden, Salad Garden, Stir-fry Garden, Taco Garden, and Ratatouille Garden—come with water-absorbent pellets that make seed starting easy.

The veggies in these kits have to be planted in containers or the garden after they sprout, but kids who can’t wait to plant can start herbs indoors now. To make gardening even more fun, young gardeners can interact with veggie-inspired characters on the Growums Web site.

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