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by on October 27, 2011

You’ll Love This Unusual Fall Shrub

Seven-son flowerFall is a great time to plant a shrub, especially if your new shrub is at its peak color just as everything else in your garden fades for the season.

Seven-son flower is a tall deciduous shrub with creamy white flowers that bloom at the end of summer. Better yet is that the small flowers turn into bright purple-red fruits in the fall. Add some late-season color to your garden with this showy shrub.

Common name: Seven-son flower, northern crepe myrtle
Botanical name: Heptacodium miconioides
Plant type: Deciduous shrub
Zones: 5 to 9
Height: 15 to 20 feet
Family: Caprifoliaceae

Growing conditions
Sun: Full sun
Soil: Prefers average and well-drained but tolerates a wide range, including dry, poor, and salty
Moisture: Average

Mulch: Mulch to help keep soil moist.
Pruning: May be pruned to a single trunk.
Fertilizer: None needed.

Fun Plant Tags Gardeners Will Love

We don’t label all the plants in our gardens. But we do like to label some, especially herbs. That way, friends and family members know exactly what they’re looking for when they dash out to the garden to cut a sprig of this or that for a busy cook.

Skip the simple and boring and go for the fun with these two options for labeling your plants.

Colorful and bright
Colorful and bright

Pane in the Grass (we love the name!) plant markers are made of reclaimed silverware and topped with colorful fused glass. Choose from 200 different markers—no two are alike.

Cool and contemporary

Cool and contemporary

If you prefer a more modern look, check out these plant tags made of durable, UV-treated rubber. These unique tags are pad printed with herbal and botanical drawings. Each box includes six tags and six stakes.



Odorless Composting All Year Long

compost freezer bin

Making your own compost is a great way to keep your garden soil healthy. Once winter comes, though, heading out to the compost pile every day can be a chore. And who wants to keep stinky kitchen scraps on the countertop?

Why not keep scraps in the freezer? With the compost freezer bin, you can collect kitchen scraps for days before putting on your coat and running outside to dump them into the compost pile. No smell. No mess. And no fruit flies.

Made of durable silicone, the compost freezer bin is light, easy to carry, and compact enough to fit into the freezer without sacrificing much space. A simple flex of the handles releases the scraps stored inside. We’re really excited about this odor-free winter compost option.

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