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by on June 22, 2010

Light Up the Night

night-time beauty Sometimes the best time enjoy the garden is during the evening. Softly illuminated garden beds, twinkling lights in shrubs, and flickering lanterns create a relaxed, romantic mood. Here’s how to enhance the night-time beauty of your garden:

Don’t go overboard. Less is more. The idea is to create a safe, soothing, subtly lit atmosphere, not to flood the garden with so many lights that it looks like high noon.

Let plants glow. Before you hire an electrician to wire your garden for lights, consider adding plants with white blooms and silvery foliage. These plants add their own natural brilliance to the night garden. To add even more appeal, choose light-colored flowers that have a sweet fragrance, such as angels’ trumpets (Brugmansia spp.), gardenia (Gardenia augusta), and moonflower (Ipomoea alba).

Make Gardening Gifts Personal

American  Personalized Products Gardening gifts don’t have to be boring—although most gardeners would argue that a new trowel or rake is never boring. But why not make your gift more meaningful and personal? Start by putting your loved one’s name on it.

Personalized garden stakes from American Personalized Products can welcome visitors or let them know who the gardener in the house is. (Check out the cute butterfly and tulip designs!) The company also personalizes garden hose holders, plant markers, and garden benches.

All products are made from recycled steel with a weather-resistant finish. Get creative and personalize them with a name, business name, or even a special message.

Outdoor Cooking Made Easier

Grilling Video It isn’t summer if you aren’t cooking outdoors—and arguing about whether wood, charcoal, or gas grills are best. Unless, of course, you’ve got a hybrid grill that allows for grilling all three ways.

This year for Father’s Day, put the arguments to an end with the K900 hybrid grills by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Switching between fuels just got a lot easier.

Both cooking drawers can be used for any type of fuel, so you don’t have to switch them around. They’re also easier to clean, and a new spring system makes the sizeable hood a breeze to lift, too.

Outdoor cooks will need to be pinched, because these grills sound like a dream.

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