Gardening Fun for All

by on March 5, 2012

Get Growing with a Greenhouse

Greenhouse As a gardener, you never grow tired of playing in the dirt. Wouldn’t it be great to get your hands as dirty as you wanted—whenever you wanted? You can, with a greenhouse.

From inexpensive, entry-level kits to more costly, permanent structures, the range in hobby greenhouses is vast. What’s right for you? We’ve done some digging to help you decide.

The first step is to identify what you want to accomplish with a greenhouse. If you simply want to extend your season, you may just need a so-called temporary greenhouse. It typically uses plastic coverings rather than glass; however, it’s not practical in a cold climate if you want to have plants through the winter.

For cold regions and year-round use, you need a more permanent structure that has a solid frame, glazing and a good ventilation system. There are various options for each, depending on your preferences.

Mailbox Planters?
Why Didn’t We Think of That!

Creative Mailbox Planters Boxy and boring, mailboxes can be a gardener’s nemesis. You can try to make them blend into the landscape, but more often than not, they stick out like a sore thumb against your lush plaintings. Until now.

With Creative Mailbox Planters, you can instantly change the view and add some curb appeal. They were dreamed up by two garden center professionals who spent years helping gardeners create colorful landscapes around their homes. To install the planters, simply slip them over standard-size mailboxes. Then fill them with your favorite annuals for an instant pop of greenery and color. They come with a handy plant list for ideas. And as the seasons change, you can easily change the plants. Just replace faded summer annuals with cold-tolerant potted flowers, evergreens, and maybe even a string of lights for a little extra sparkle in the winter.

The planters are sold with a white finish, but they can be painted any color. Heavy-duty construction means they won’t rot or succumb to insect problems. Attachment hardware is included.

Make Gardening Fun for Kids

Kids love to help with gardening—what child doesn’t like to dig in the dirt? But it’s not always easy to keep them engaged. That’s why we like these two products. They’re just right for little ones, to inspire them to plant and tend a garden plot that’s all their own.
A Bed They'll Want to Make A Bed They’ll Want to Make
Invented by a former high school teacher and longtime gardener, the M Brace Mini is an easy-to-assemble raised bed that’s perfect for creating a children’s garden (or use it where space is limited). No tools are needed. Just slide boards into the cute, colorful corner pieces made of recycled steel, and then fill with dirt.
Just Their Size Just Their Size
The perfect height for little gardeners, My First Garden Planter is made of durable cypress and only minor assembly is required. Set up this attractive raised planter anywhere that gets good sun, including patios and decks. It’s deep enough for a variety of vegetables, so kids can enjoy harvesting lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and more.
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