Gardening – Front and Center

by on May 19, 2009

With the advent of spring and the influx of new blooms I find myself heading out every day to check on the progress of my ‘lovelies’ as I like to refer the flora in my garden.

There is so much to do, removing dead branches, pulling weeds and adding spring color to name a few.

Here are a few tips on how to make gardening more enjoyable…

1. Decide on a specific length of time that you will be working in the garden. It’s easy to get carried away and find yourself, 4 hours later, feeling very sore and tired. I try to limit myself to about 1 hour stints in the yard.

2. Set a specific goal for yourself, such as, I will pull weeds and clean up around the containers. Then you are very focused and directed. There is a real sense of accomplishment when you are done.

3. Reward yourself. Be sure to treat yourself to something special after you accomplish your goals. It could be something as simple as a tall glass of lemonade or a dish of frozen yogurt.

4. Take time to acknowledge your partners, those lovely little plants. I go out and say good morning and talk to them whenever I water them. They really respond to this. I’m sure there are some people who will think this is crazy but I have looked in enough microscopes over the years to realize that the basic cell structure of a plant or a human cell are pretty much the same. They are all animated by life.

5. Be kind to your body. Use a knee pad for your knees to protect them and your back. If you burn easily, you probably need sun screen, even on an overcast day, there are UV rays coming down from the heavens so don’t be fooled. Wear gloves.

Enjoy your garden this spring!

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