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by on August 7, 2011

Check Out These Top Plant Picks for 2011

If you’re looking around your garden and thinking of what to do differently next season, we can help.

Each year, the Direct Gardening Association’s Green Thumb Awards recognize a handful of plants and products that stand out in the sea of new offerings. Here are some of our favorite 2011 winners.

smart veggies smart veggies
Territorial Seed Company’s grafted vegetable plants were honored in the Plants, Bulbs and Seeds division. Grafted vegetables, especially tomatoes, may help solve gardening problems like drought and disease because desirable top growth can be attached to specially selected rootstock.
beautiful bulbs

beautiful bulbs
Van Bourgondien’s double Oriental lily ‘Magic Star’ got well-deserved praise for its huge, fragrant flowers that bloom in purple and white.

great grasses
great grasses
Less showy but no less impressive is the All-Ways Greener grass seed mix from Gardens Alive. This blend of six fine fescues makes an environmentally friendly lawn that saves on water and can be mowed only once a month.

How to Change Your Hydrangea’s Color

Color Me Pink and Color Me Blue
Can you easily rattle off how to change soil pH to ensure your blue bigleaf hydrangeas stay blue and your pink ones stay pink? Um, yeah, don’t feel bad if you can’t—it’s tricky business.

Thankfully, Endless Summer’s new Color Me Pink and Color Me Blue pellets make the whole process a lot easier.

Many bigleaf hydrangeas, including some in the Endless Summer collection, can change flower color from pink to blue. The key to the maintaining or changing bloom color is soil pH—alkaline soil produces pink flowers and acidic soil produces blue.

These easy-to-use kits take the mystery out of making soil more or less acidic. Pre-measured scoops provide the right amount of Color Me Pink’s pelletized garden lime or Color Me Blue’s pelletized sulfur.

A New Take on Turf

Firmly Planted
We all have that gardening friend whose lush, manicured lawn is fuel for bragging rights… or maybe we’re that person to others. Regardless, turf isn’t just for yards anymore.

Firmly Planted, a line of turfgrass-covered indoor and outdoor products, is proof that the grass is greener on the other side—of the pillow, cushion, or picture frame.

Alicia Blas, the creative force behind this fun line of garden accessories, combines her garden knowledge (she’s a master gardener) and love of style (former photo stylist) to create fun, quirky, and practical garden decor. Surround yourself with greenery with these cushions, clocks, and even pet beds. And if you want the world to know that a gardener lives in your house, you can even order living address numbers.

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