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by on January 30, 2012

A New Resolution for Lawn Care

Recycle your Christmas Tree When you were making your resolutions for the new year, you probably didn’t think of your lawn. But perhaps you should have, especially if cutting expenses and relaxing more made your list.

This year, resolve to go low-maintenance with Buffalo grass (Buchloe dactyloides). This heat-tolerant prairie grass needs very little water, fertilizer, or attention—saving you time and money. Here’s how you can add it to your yard:

Common name: Buffalo grass
Botanical name: Buchloe dactyloides
Plant type: Grass
Zones: 3 to 11
Height: 4 to 6 inches
Family: Gramineae

Growing conditions
• Sun: Full sun
• Soil: Average, well-drained. Tolerates clay and alkaline soil.
• Moisture: Dry to medium

• Mulch: None needed.
• Pruning: None needed.
• Fertilizer: Can fertilize with nitrogen when planted.

Two New Peppers You Won’t Want to Miss

Every gardener has plants they love, but homegrown veggies taste better than what you find in the grocery store. And when you grow your own, you can try any new variety that catches your fancy.Two peppers chosen as 2012 All-America Selections Winners look like delicious contenders in the kitchen, as well as beautiful options for border plants and containers.
'Black Olive' ornamental pepper Peppery Purples
‘Black Olive’ ornamental pepper was called a “standout” by AAS judges, particularly for hot southern gardens. Dark purple-black fruit grows in clusters along plant stems and turns red when mature. Attractive purple foliage is great for dramatic bouquets. Use these hot peppers in the kitchen or just enjoy them for their good looks.
Feisty Reds
Feisty Reds

Mildly spicy ‘Cayennetta’ chili peppers are easy to grow, even for beginners. A compact, bushy habit makes them perfect for containers or garden beds. Dense foliage protects the fruit from sun scorch. Grows to 24 inches tall.  



Scrabble Gets a Fun Gardening Twist

Scrabble Scrabble. Some people are good at it and, well, the rest of us do the best we can. But wait! Now there’s a Scrabble game that gives gardeners an edge.

The Gardening Edition of Scrabble offers a new twist on the classic game, starting with the pretty garden-themed board and the tiny gardening tool bag that holds all the wooden letter tiles.

Earn bonus points for making gardening-related words like orchid, tulip, mulch, trowel, compost, and topsoil. Better yet, boost your score by using abbreviations like ARS (American Rose Society) and play seed packet cards to double and triple your score. This is a gardener’s dream game.

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