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by on February 7, 2012

I love photography and my daughter has introduced me to a cool new iPhone app called, “Instagram.” It’s cool and super easy to use. She took 5 minutes to explain it to me and away I went.

This was my first attempt at it. The pizza was great and it was awesome to see other people liked the picture.

Each day you are supposed to take pictures of a different thing and post it to the sigh, then check out other peoples pics and like them or comment on them. She took a cool picture of us with our hands together this morning. I’ll maybe do that later today for my posting.

Anyway, for all of you photography buffs out there, I think it’s a great way to explore your creativity and have fun.

Lovely 'Fake' Tree in Palo Alto

Here is another one I took while I was door knocking, as a Real Estate agent in Palo Alto. It’s what I do for work but I have fun with it to. Anyway, there is a street in Palo Alto, Bryant, which is set aside primarily for bikers. So every few blocks they have barricades which prevent cars from entering the road way. People who live on the street can obviously drive on the street but it is not a through street for cars.

In a moment I will show you a picture of one of the barricades but this particular house has two beautiful fake trees which are covered with these floral light and black tape which conceals all the wires. Not only was it a beautiful sunny day in Palo Alto but these two tree were lit to beautiful effect. It was a stunning display in front of this beautiful house.

Right next to it was the bike path. A few weeks before I had notices these lovely trees but it was an over cast and rainy day. I did not feel like taking a picture. The barricade in the street was decorated with little messages inspired by the new year as well as streamers and confetti. It was quite pretty.

The Lovely Barricades on Bryant in Palo Alto


On this particular visit it was decked out for Chinese New Year, festooned with Dragons, fire crakers, parasols, whirligigs and much more.

Now, I look forward to going to that particular street throughout the coming months to see what new and creative things the people of Palo Alto will do to dress out what otherwise would probably be a pretty unremarkable stretch of rode heading to and from downtown Palo Alto.

Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái – And Happy New Year in the wonderful year of the Dragon!


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