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by on November 2, 2011

Weeding Made Easy? You Bet!

Uproot Weed and Root Remover

Any time we can weed without throwing out our backs, we’re happy. We know you feel our pain, so check out this smarter way to weed.

TheUproot Weed and Root Remover helps you remove weeds from your lawn without bending over or using toxic chemicals. Watch how the four sharp, serrated, stainless-steel claws use a simple step-and-pull motion to help you grab weeds by the root for clean removal. There’s also an easy-eject mechanism on the handle that clears the head between uses.

The durable aluminum handle is extra-long to help you reach weeds without kneeling or straining your back by bending. Even better, the foot platform gives you extra leverage for penetrating tough soil.


One Fall Chore Just Got Easier

EZ Leaf StomperFall is a gorgeous time of year. It’s too bad all those orange, yellow, and red leaves have to fall off the trees and land in our yards, though.

This season, make bagging all those leaves easier with the EZ Leaf Stomper. This smart design allows you to attach the bright orange (trust us, this is one tool you’ll always be able to find) stomper to a rake, broom, or other long-handled garden tool.

When you’re done raking, attach the EZ Leaf Stomper to the other end of the rake and use it to pack the leaves into a lawn bag. Once you’re done, simply use the handy foot pedal to remove the handle from the stomper.

You’ll be amazed by how few bags you’ll need for fall cleanup. And for that, the earth thanks you.


Simple Way to Keep Backyard Birds Safe

Bird HouseIf you’ve ever had a birdhouse in your yard, you know how great it is when birds actually move in and call your garden home. Unfortunately, you also know how easy it is for squirrels, woodpeckers, and other large birds to gnaw or peck their way through the hole and take over the nest.

Put an end to the takeovers with Birdhouse Portal Protectors. When mounted onto the portal of a birdhouse, these little copper shields make it impossible for invaders to widen the hole and get inside.

Portals are available in four sizes for specific birds: Eastern bluebirds, nuthatches, chickadees, and wrens. Mount protectors on new houses to stave off trouble from the start. Or use them to repair damaged houses or change the hole on a house to attract a bird you love.

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