Firework’s Night at the Coliseum

by on August 19, 2011


Fireworks Night at the Coliseum!

It’s Friday night and a group of my co-workers, agents and staff, from Keller Williams Benchmark Properties, in Fremont decided to head out to the old ball park, now referred to lovingly as the (short for Coliseum. It was fireworks night at the yard and we were all excited about the prospect of a great game topped off with fireworks, as only the Oakland Athletics’s and their sponsors can deliver.

First we enjoyed a pre-game tailgate party featuring fantastic hot links, hot dogs, hamburgers and beer. There were also home made beans and salad’s and plenty of chips and cherries. They were all fantastic.

After we’d had our fill of delicious food, we headed in to the stadium for the game and got situated in our seats. Unfortunately our pitcher, Gio Gonzales, never looked entirely comfortable on the mound and promptly gave up a couple of runs. The only fireworks by the team were, not one, but two home runs by left fielder, Josh Willingham. The first one tied it up and the home town fans thought maybe it was going to be an exciting night of Oakland A’s baseball.

Alas, it was not meant to be. Around the 4th or 5th inning, I forget which, the visiting team scored 2 more runs and took the lead for good. It seems to me they added some insurance runs an inning or two later and never looked back.

Well, there were still the fireworks to look forward to. As the game wound down the fans in the bleachers started to make their way to the stairwells so they could head out to the outfield grass shortly after the final out. That is truly one of the most incredible features of a fireworks game at the Coliseum, the chance to race down on the field where the hometown hero’s tread every day. I’ve had that pleasure many times and decided just to move closer the center of the Coliseum seating area to watch the pyro-spectacular.

Fans finding their places on the Field

About 20 minutes after the last pitch we were treated to one of the best fireworks displays I have ever seen, sponsored by the Contra Costa Times. They always do the fireworks to music. This time it was classic Broadway show tunes. I learned that the new breed of firework is actually computer programs so it can explode perfectly to make a smiley face or a heart or an flower. Amazing!

Needless to say, some of the displays took my breath away and there was thunderous applause at the end. All of my co-workers went home happy and we talked about it at our office meeting the following Tuesday relating which ones were our favorite or the song we liked the best.

There are at least one or two more games with fireworks later this year. I certainly hope to head out to the stadium again, with a few of my other friends who LOVE fireworks and maybe, just maybe, I’ll wait atop the stairs for a chance to watch the fireworks from the field where many of my all-time favorite players pitched or hit or dazzled me with their spectacular ‘on field’ antics. Then I’ll post some picture from behind second base and take a few photos of the incredible fireworks from the vaunted field level.

Maybe you can treat yourself to the same experience one of the fine nights all the old yard!

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