Firework Night at the O.Co Coliseum

by on July 28, 2012

Fireworks 7/3 at O.Co Coliseum

There is NOTHING quite like watching fireworks after an Oakland A’s Game!

This time it was extra special as I brought my Dad and Brother to celebrate their Birthday’s and brought my nephew, Jay, to celebrate his graduating from High School. What a blast!

Anyway, we got to the game a little bit late. Maybe I should amend that statement. I got their a little late. My Dad was there at 4 PM, geez! And, I showed up at close to 7 PM. We made it in and found our seats then I found a concession stand so we could enjoy some nachos. Yum!

The game was pretty quiet until the 8th inning then things really started to heat up. The A’s loaded the bases but were not able to score then in the 9th inning they figured out how to do it and were able to create magic with a walk-off sac fly and every body was ready to celebrate! It was great to witness that.

As early as the 7th inning though some of our fellow bleacher bums started to head out to the holding area where you could go to get in lone to race out on the field after the game to actually watch the fireworks from the O.Co Coliseum outfield. One of the few stadiums that actually allow you to do that.

Needless to say, that was not something my boys wanted to do so my Dad and I found a nice place on the second decks above the third base bag to watch the action and it was spectacular. I took about a minutes worth of video of the grand finale and wanted to post it but the file was just two big.

The next Fireworks game is scheduled for the 3rd of August. I was planning on attending but the Gods have conspired against me and I will have to find some other lucky person to attend the game in my place.

To the A’s and the exciting brand of Baseball they have brought back to the East Bay. May I see you at the Playoff’s.

GO A’s!!!!

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