Fall Colors

by on October 3, 2012

Aspens near Leavitt's Meadow Aspens near Leavitt’s Meadow

For years I have dreamed of making it out to the Eastern side of the Sierra’s to catch the fall colors and this year we FINALLY made it happen!

We headed to the Eastern Side of the Sierra’s last week, going over Sonora Pass and as we descended down the far side of the mountains I spotted some lovely aspens that were decidedly golden. As we headed further down the mountain we found a lovely little turn out right across the road so we could take photos to our hearts content.

It was magnificent. They were so beautiful.

What was so funny was that literally 100 feet one way or the other the aspens were bright green and did NOT look like they were ready to change colors any time soon. The hunt was on to see if any of our favorite places near our campground were similarly affected.

On Thursday we went with Doug Falk on a hike to one of our favorite spots at Barney Lake in the Hoover Wilderness. We were not going to head all the way up the mountain, we just wanted to hike up to one or two of the little valleys on the way up where pretty groves of aspens resided.

Alas, none of them had changed colors so we turned around and resolved that we would head out the next day to Horsetail Falls where we would head high in to the mountains more rapidly. Perhaps we would see a more dramatic change in the scenery that way.

The Boys looking for Aspens

Again, we saw plenty of fall colors just not the golden glow of aspens. The falls were stunning, even this late in the year. Doug was not disappointed. We hiked for 4 hours all the way up to the hanging valley below Matterhorn Peak in the Hoover Wilderness. It was gorgeous, and so quiet you could hear yourself breath.

Needless to say, we were all pretty tired by the time we straggled back in to camp. The boys decided to stay at the campsite and relax while Pam and I headed in to the little Village cafe for a rib eye steak and baked potato, cooked to perfection. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was and ate EVERY bite!

By the time we moseyed back in to camp it was getting late. We were hoping the brown bear who’d wandered in to our campsite the last two nights would make one last stop before we headed home the next day. It was getting late, it was actually after 9 PM. The last two night he had stopped by between 8 and 8:30 PM so we figured there were just too many people camping there on a Friday night and he had an abundance of choices but shortly after 9 PM he cruised on through, checking out our bag of recycling goodies before he made his way across pretty little Robinson Creek to see if the store had replenished their supply of fish food (they had broken in to it two nights before and we figured they’d try it again soon).

Funny, we have been camping for years and had never had a bear come in to our campsite while we were awake and we go camping with Doug, who was a camping virgin, before this trip and in walks a bear all three night’s of our stay.


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