Fall Baseball

by on October 23, 2010

There is something about Baseball in the Fall that is magical. Perhaps it’s  the fact that every game is ‘do or die!’ Or, maybe it’s the chill in the air. The crispness. The smell. Something elusive…

Fall Baseball

Whatever it is, it has always been one of my favorite times to enjoy the grand old pastime which is baseball. This year has been particularly fun. The San Francisco Giants are playing great ball as a team and it has been very fun to watch. Yes, I am an A’s fan, first and foremost, but that does not change the fact that this is a local team that is playing on the big stage and doing a great job, I might add.

For one thing, it appears to be a true team effort. Sure the starting pitching has been exemplary but so has the bull pen, by and large, and the hitters have managed to scratch out enough hits to get the job done pretty much up and down the line-up.

I must admit, though, that the fellow who has captured my imagination most is Cody Ross. Here is a guy that nobody really knew until this week. Then what does he do??? He goes out there and hits not one, but 2 home runs off one of the BEST pitchers in baseball, Mr. Roy Halladay, very likely the Cy Young award winner for 2010. WOW! Talk about magical. And then, the next day he does it again off Mr. Ostwalt, another pretty darn good pitcher, from what I understand. Reminds me a little of Gene Tenace with the Oakland A’s of the 70’s! Geno did something similar, as I recall. And, of course there is Mr. October, Reginald Martinez Jackson, who has been known to hit a home run or two on the big stage in October.

And how about that Matt Cain!?! Now, not to take anything away from Timmy (he pitched great in game 1 and game 5), but Matt’s performance was dazzling! A two hitter. Wow!

Anyway, I for one will be glued to the radio this evening as I root for the Giants to pull this one off in front of the hostiles at Phillie’s stadium. Talk about drama!

Go Giants!!! I’m ready for a Texas-San Francisco World Series next week!

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